4 Nutritional Deficiencies In Children

There’s a reason dino nuggets and mac and cheese are your child’s favorite— they’re delicious! Although these foods can be included in your child’s diet, it is important that they branch out and try more nutrient-dense foods. Nutritional deficiencies in children can have significant impacts on their growth, development, and overall health, making adequate nutrition… Continue Reading

Keeping Children Safe At Home: 6 Childproofing Tips

It’s no secret that children get into… everything. This can make your home feel like it is fighting against you when it comes to the safety of your children. Childproofing is the act of making an environment safe for children by preventing access to dangerous locations such as medicine cabinets, household cleaners, electrical outlets, and… Continue Reading

Sleep Habits For Children: Tips For A Better Night’s Rest

Sleep is the time when your body and mind reset and is essential for maintaining baseline mental health and overall well-being. Sleep is especially important for children as it affects nearly every aspect of their development. However, getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge for some children. Establishing good sleep habits can go… Continue Reading

6 Family Fun Summer Bucket List Activities

Summer is a time for family fun, and what better way to create lasting memories than by making a summer bucket list of activities to do together? Whether you’re looking for parks, farms, or museums, there is something for everyone. Summer Activities Near Raleigh, NC Wake Forest Pediatrics understands the importance of spending quality time… Continue Reading

5 Nutrition Tips For Young Athletes

Growing children need healthy, well-balanced diets in order to provide energy and help them grow strong bones and muscles. Young athletes oftentimes have higher energy and fluid needs due to their increased activity time. Ensuring young athletes are eating the right foods and the right amount to match their body’s needs is essential for them… Continue Reading

How To Soothe A Fussy Baby: The Five S’s

Crying in your newborn baby is a way to communicate their needs and feelings, from being hungry to needing a diaper change. In fact, It’s normal for a baby to cry for 2–3 hours a day for the first 6 weeks. Although normal, a fussy baby can take a toll, leaving parents frustrated, concerned, and… Continue Reading

5 Healthy And Tasty Summer Snacks For Kids

Most children would say their favorite season is summer. Between no school, warm weather, spending time with friends, and fun outdoor activities, it’s hard to beat. The only thing to make the summer months even more memorable for your kids is by treating them to healthy and tasty snacks that suit the equally beautiful weather. … Continue Reading

6 Benefits Of A Long-Term Relationship With Your Child’s Pediatrician

Visiting your child’s pediatrician is beneficial to every aspect of your child’s health, growth, and development. One thing often overlooked is how important it is to build a long-term relationship with your child’s pediatrician and their entire care team. A pediatric provider, nursing staff, and friendly faces will make your child’s experience more pleasant as… Continue Reading

Transition To Solids: The 5 Best Foods For Babies

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend exclusive breastfeeding, meaning the infant receives only breast milk during the first six months of life for optimal nutrition and health benefits. Yet, your child will inevitably age out of this period, and you will need to begin transitioning them to solid foods. The best foods for babies are… Continue Reading

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