5 Healthy And Tasty Summer Snacks For Kids

Most children would say their favorite season is summer. Between no school, warm weather, spending time with friends, and fun outdoor activities, it’s hard to beat. The only thing to make the summer months even more memorable for your kids is by treating them to healthy and tasty snacks that suit the equally beautiful weather. 

Fun Summer Snacks For Kids

At Wake Forest Pediatrics, we know finding fun summer snacks for kids can be a task of its own. That is why we are here to provide you with healthy yet delicious options that will leave your child begging for some of these with every summer to come!

1. Apple Nachos

Not only does an apple a day keep the doctor away, but it also keeps your child satisfied and nourished to continue playing in the sun. All you need is an apple (or two), peanut butter, chocolate chips, and any other toppings you desire. To assemble the apple “nachos”, slice the apples thin, arrange them on a plate, and drizzle the chocolate and peanut butter. If your child is allergic to peanuts, try swapping out the peanut butter for a caramel drizzle. 

2. Homemade Granola Bars

Granola bars are a quick and easy snack for kids on the go. What’s even better is they are super easy to make! By making your own granola bars, you can ensure that there are no unnecessary ingredients like added sugar or aspartame. For homemade granola bars, you’ll need whole rolled oats, peanut or cashew butter, honey, vanilla extract, sea salt, a crushed nut of your choice, and mini chocolate chips. Once mixed, press the mixture into a baking pan and let chill for one hour. Your child will love these sweet yet nutritious summer snacks!

3. Fruit Kebabs

Fruit contains vitamins and minerals that help keep your child healthy and prevent certain diseases. Not to mention it is sweet and tastes great! A fun way to switch up your summer fruit bowls is to make them into kebabs. The only non-food item you will need for this recipe is wooden skewers. Other than that, the rest is up to you and your child’s imagination. One fun idea is to make “rainbow” fruit skewers. To do this, you’ll need strawberries, oranges, pineapple, kiwi, red grapes, and blueberries. Next, order the fruits in the color of the rainbow, and you’re ready to go!

4. Watermelon Pizza

They say not to play with your food, but we think, in this instance, it’s ok. Summer snacks like watermelon pizzas are an awesome way to get your child involved in the kitchen, as they’ll love crafting this fun recipe. The first step is to slice the watermelon into round, 1” slices. The “pizza sauce” can be either Greek yogurt or whipped cream cheese. Then, choose a variety of fruit to sprinkle on top to act as the “toppings”. Some great fruits to try include strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, peaches, or raspberries.

5. Pinwheels

A fun spin on sandwiches, pinwheels are a great, nutritious snack for all children. Pinwheels can be made with deli meat or vegetarian using only vegetables. For these summer snacks, you’ll need a spread (cream cheese, hummus, etc.), extra large flour tortillas, your choice of deli meat, cheese, and salad greens, or other sandwich toppings. When you have all your fillings, close the edges and fold over the tortilla. Continue rolling and tucking the fillings as you go. When this is complete, slice the roll into 1” wide pieces and serve!

There are so many ways to get your child to eat healthy snacks. Even the options have options! These five summer snacks are a great place to start. Wake Forest Pediatrics is committed to providing our patients with quality, comprehensive care. That includes helping with issues like nutrition. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s health, call our Wake Forest office at 919-556-4779 or our Knightdale office at 919-266-5059 to make an appointment.

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