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The Difference Between Cold and Flu

Just like last winter, the virus on everyone’s mind is still COVID-19. You’ve probably heard about the different symptoms the virus can cause and how it can spread a hundred times by now. However, coronavirus isn’t the only illness you should be aware of during the winter months. Colds and influenza are still common during… Continue Reading

Flu Shots for Kids: What You Should Know

While COVID-19 is at the forefront of our minds this year, we can’t forget to guard against the flu. To protect your child and the people around them, flu shots for kids are important. Cases of the influenza virus are diagnosed year-round, but peak flu season typically occurs during the fall and winter from November… Continue Reading

Adolescent Depression: A Guide for Parents

Mental illness is not just an adult problem. Children and teens can experience things like depression and anxiety. While you might expect your child to be moody or out of sorts every now and then (especially in their teenage years), adolescent depression can be a serious problem. With  National Depression Screening Day coming up on… Continue Reading

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